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Business Setup Services in Dubai

Dubai is a paradise for investors. The emirate has gained attention for its world-class infrastructure, location, lifestyle, and business-friendly government policies. Being one of the fastest-growing emirates in UAE, Dubai has even secured its title as one of the largest business hubs in the world. The emirate has been very accommodating of the foreign expatriates and has been luring in investors with its opportunities. As a result, for business setup in Dubai, investors and entrepreneurs have been flocking in large numbers.

But, business setup is not as easy as it sounds. The procedures included in setting up a business are plenty and could be tiring, especially for someone new to the emirate. Ever wondered why people prefer doing business in Dubai? Well, here is a list of things you need to know before setting up a business in the emirate.

What makes Dubai the Best Location to setup Business?

To begin with,

  • Dubai has a strategic location making it most suitable for trade and any other business activity for that matter.
  • Strong financial reserves backing up the economy and helping businesses to continue their operations.
  • International relations: Dubai has made it a point to maintain a healthy relationship with other countries.
  • World-class infrastructure: The emirate has put in great effort to create and maintain a world-class infrastructure with digital transformation and innovation.
  • Government policies: Dubai has favorable and business-friendly government policies to support and promote foreign investments.
  • Free zones: The emirate has multi-specialty free zones, offering attractive features.

One can set up a business in the Dubai offshore or free zone or mainland. Every business setup comes with added advantages for the investors.

Where to setup a Business in Dubai?

The government policies in Dubai are extremely business-friendly and they provide assistance and support for the businesses that are being set up in the emirate. Recently, in the year 2020, an amendment to the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) was made, allowing 100% ownership to foreign expatriates, for certain business activities. Earlier, only the free zones offered the luxury of complete ownership to foreign investors and mainland companies required the support of a local sponsor who held at least 51% of the companies share.

Before moving on to the procedures of business setup, one must know what a free zone, offshore and mainland company means and what they offer.

Free zone business: The primary advantage of a free zone is that it is exempted from duties and is completely tax-free. Free zones provide you with 100% repatriation of profits and allow you to have 100% ownership of your company. Free zones have the finest technology and infrastructure, making them the most suitable place for business incorporation. The free zone functions on its regulations of the framework, in addition to no currency restrictions.

Offshore business: An offshore company is a legal business entity that operates outside its registered jurisdiction for the purpose of legally minimizing tax payment. They provide the benefits of tax saving, asset protection, and complete confidentiality.

Mainland business: Mainland companies are now offering 100% ownership to foreign nationals for selected activities and they come with the added benefit of conducting business in the local market or even outside the country of UAE. They can do business with government entities and are free to trade with any business on the mainland.

Choosing a third party service provider for setting up businesses in Dubai will help in easing the process of company incorporation. In spite of that, setting up a business requires a lot of paper works, which includes drafting various documents and seeking approvals from respective departments. It could a hectic process, and with the support of an expert, things could be made easier.

Why choose Business Idea to setup business in Dubai?

The role of business consultants in business setup services in Dubai will help you in easing the process of company incorporation. With ample knowledge of the emirate and with years of experience in the industry, Business Idea ensure to provide you with accurate and timely services. We provide assistance in securing visas and work permits for employees and in all documentation processes. Be it anything related to business incorporation, Business Idea will be the best business setup service provider in Dubai.

We have a team of a dedicated and highly professional team to offer services to our clients in all their needs. Over the years, we have proven our excellence in the business setup industry and have served diverse clients in and around Dubai, and have clients across the country. Our members of the team maintain a fair relationship with the ministerial agencies to make things simple for our clients. We, at Business Idea, keep ourselves updated on the changes in the procedures of business setup and focus on providing hassle-free services to our clients.