Industrial License

The United Arab Emirates is growing at a rapid pace in the business sector. Commercial industries are expanding and there is a need to have a license when a particular industry starts. Currently, the UAE grants licenses in business sectors such as manufacturing, import and export, domestic worker, freelance work, etc. Company Formation in Dubai

The industrial license in Dubai is issued for those companies that transform natural material or natural resources into other final products. It can be taken from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). Our Dubai law firm provides legal assistance for the application procedure that companies must follow to obtain an industrial license in Dubai.

Conditions and requirements to apply for an industrial license in Dubai

Before applying for an industrial license, be sure to comply with all the requirements mentioned below. They are the following:

  • Local sponsor: Your company must have a local sponsor that owns 51% of the shares. This is a non-negotiable prerequisite. The remaining 49% stake may be owned by foreign investors or industrial license holders.
  • Physical office: Under this, if you want an industrial license, you must have a physical office and a warehouse present anywhere in Dubai. Virtual offices are not acceptable.
  • Local license: You must also have a local industrial license from the area where your business operates
  • Capital: The capital of your company must be at least Dhs 250,000
  • Workers: The company must have at least 10 workers
  • You must have 5 horsepower machines

Documents needed to obtain the industrial license, Dubai

A report, which includes details about the factory, such as the plans of the factory, the reason and purpose of opening the factory, data on the production tools, the cost of production and the capital, as well as information on ways to finance the factory. Other details could include employee data and any other relevant information.

  • Copy of passport and residence for non-citizens, and summary of citizen registration
  • Feasibility study
  • Association contract (if it is an association firm)
  • Copy of the commercial license
  • General balance copy
  • Approval of the National Media Council
  • Approval of the Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Environment and Water Approval
  • Ministry of Internal Approval