PRO Services

Every company in UAE has two options for handling all legal documentation works. Either by hiring an in-house PRO as an employee or outsourcing for PRO services in Dubai with a professional legal consultancy like Business Idea

We provide PRO Services :

  • Case to Case Basis
  • Retainer Agreement Basis
  • Monthly Basis or Project Basis

To provide PRO services in Dubai, it is required, professional experts. Having good experience in handling the complete cycle of each and every process and formalities. There are so many procedures involved while setting up a company in Dubaior around the UAE. An experienced PRO is required to guide you properly. To complete all the paperwork formality successfully.

PRO Services

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We help entrepreneurs to clear all the stages of business setup. Our highest range of PRO services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai as well as anywhere in UAE. We have a very good network with the Dubai government authorities and officials of various ministries. Our team is here to provide very effective PRO services. We always focus on minimizing the time and money of our client base.

Our wide range of PRO services includes passport clearance, labor and immigration cards, approval and renewal of trade license, business license, trademarks and copyrights, Emirates ID card, NOC letters, and a lot more. Our main goal is to provide complete support to our valued customers for a smooth stay and business setup in UAE.

We are well-known as one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai. Our expert team is here to fulfill all the formalities required by the Dubai mainland laws and UAE free zone regulations. Along with it, we provide a complete solution for each. Every document clearing, labor contract creation, and all types of PRO services essential for establishing a business in Dubai UAE.

Some of the common documents clearing services that are being practiced by Dubai PRO’s include:
  1. Dubai immigration GDRFA, Ministry of labour
  2. Employment visas
  3. Documentation translation & Notarization services
  4. Business center Ejari
  5. Trademark Registrations

It is not compulsory for you to hire PRO in house, but you can outsource PRO services will undoubtedly ease your migration process and even facilitate your business start-up from scratch. With plenty of document clearing services in Dubai currently available, you can look towards saving a lot of your crucial time and limited available resources.

Every company in UAE has two options for handling all legal documentation works either by hiring an in-house PRO as an employee or outsourcing for PRO services with a professional legal business setup consultancy like Business Idea.

An in-house PRO must be well versed with UAE laws and have knowledge about various legal authorities like Dubai immigration, ministry of labour, and many more which is very difficult to find all in one. Additionally, it will cost you for providing him with a residence visa, processing labour card, emirates id, etc.

On the other hand, outsourcing your PRO tasks with a business consultancy like us makes sense as we have a team of professionals who are dealing in the same field for a long time and well aware of relevant legal requirements. It also reduces manpower within the company, saves time, works transparency, and cost reduction.

PRO Services for Company Formation

While setting up a business in Dubai, one has to go through many hurdles. It has a number of steps like getting approvals from Immigration and Labor Ministries, licensing and registration, actual or virtual office setup. As well as opening a corporate bank account, and so on.

Business Idea helps in the successful setup of business in Dubai by completing the standard procedures. Getting the necessary approvals from the UAE government authorities. With our typing and legal attestation services, rest assured that employee visas and labor cards can be processed in the quickest of time.

Besides, we also assist in changing trade names of the company, drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association, making amends to the existing Memorandum or Articles, and increasing or decreasing paid-up capital.

Advantages of PRO-Document Clearing Services

PRO services in UAE look to offer numerous advantages for any individual in starting a new life or building a new company in the country. With an abundance of PRO companies in Dubai also capable of accommodating your needs wherever you are in the UAE, you can have yourself enjoying these benefits:

As a foreigner, you may face difficulties in understanding and comply with the local laws and properly documenting your papers. UAE holds very stringent policies which can seem very unfavorable for ex-pats in the country. This is why hiring PRO services will help you most, especially in regards to PRO visa services in Dubai.

Having a local PRO company in aiding your setup in UAE will undoubtedly aid you in facilitating the time required to start running a business. By utilizing PRO services, your company incorporation processes will be eased exponentially. So that you are able to focus on other operating processes of the business during the meantime.

Expenses & Longevity
Without PRO services, you will be looking at budget deficits that could eat at your wallet more than what you had planned for. If you are looking to cut out the losses, having a trusted PRO companion. Will provide you with professional pieces of advice on how to best utilize your resources in the early phases. By having a trusted PRO provider assisting you, your business and personal stay in the country will be safeguarded in the long run.

Benefits of PRO Services
Dubai continues on its path towards becoming a global economic business hub, come 2019. Known as one of the most famous multi-cultural cities in the world. Dubai boasts more than 9.54 million people from various ethnicities residing in the city in 2018 (based on Global Media Insight’s “UAE Population Statistics 2018: Infographic”).

The Current Environment
Presently, Dubai is a haven for people all across the world to come. Explore its vast areas of opportunities and business potentials. Nevertheless, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also quite renowned for its strict regulations in accepting ex-pats within its encompassing lands. Here, you will be required to pass over specific documentation and meticulous screening processes with various governing bodies to qualify for specific visas.

How To Migrate?
PRO service is a professional service provided to help you with everything that you need in relation to these requirements. This will look to aid in facilitating your documentation procedures, legal compliance, and government application processes.