Sharjah Mainland Business Setup

Sharjah Mainland Company Setup

Every startup business owner knows that getting your business set up in the United Arab Emirates can give your business a boom. If you are one of those business owners, Sharjah Mainland might be the right place for you with its unmeasurable growth opportunities. These seven emirates are one of the safest as it has a very low crime rate and a highly technological area to start your business.

Sharjah mainland mainly comprises the most advanced areas of Sharjah. With its colorful and friendly culture, the Sharjah mainland provides you with the opportunity to begin your business in various fields.

Business Setup in Sharjah Mainland

Why choose Sharjah Mainland for starting your business?

Location: If you are thinking about starting your business in the import-export department, Sharjah mainland is the most feasible option. This place is connected to various international airports and seaports on the Arabian Gulf and Indian ocean, making the trading of goods as easier and cost-effective as possible.

Zero Income tax: Sharjah mainland has a free trade economy system, and due to this, we offer our clients complete relief from income taxes and nil taxes on import/export business.

Reliability of having a business entity as per preference: At Sharjah Mainland, the investors can select the corporate structure they wish for their business to follow. These are as follows: The limited liability company in which you can have more than two and less than 50 partners, the partnership company which can be partnered among two or more people with each having a liability up to the extent of their shares, the local service agent which is to be managed by a single person and the last one the Public shareholding company whose shares are divided into equally valued shares.

Free Warehouse: You can use the warehouse provided by the Sharjah mainland for the starting two months of your business so that you can plan and set up things with a relaxed mind.